Efficiency in closed loop circuits

Efficiency in closed loop circuits 2018-02-04T10:21:58+00:00

Fouling accumulates in closed loop water circuits and prevents the efficient operation of the system

SRCC cleans the water in the closed circuits at the hotels, hospitals and large buildings by eliminating the anaerobic bacteria that promote corrosion, and biofilms with the disinfectants generated by the  electrolytic process. A media filter removes all sludge, corrosion  and enable the water to become clean of sludge and debris and transparent in a matter of months, without the use of any chemicals.

Closed circuit cooling ands heating systems using SRCC for water conditioning are free of dangerous anaerobic bacteria, sluge and corrosion. Fan coils are free of blockage and freely provide the cooling generated to the environment.

The above are pictures of periodic water samples taken from an SRCC installation: The right most picture is of the water sample taken on the day of installation, where water is dark and full of sludge. The left most picture is of a water sample taken six month following the ooperation of the SRCC system, which completely eliminated all sludge and foreign matter,  clearing the water.

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