SR-LB Legionella Prevention

Continues Electro-Chlorination and Oxidation System for Hot Water Disinfection Auto Self–Cleaning Mechanism (Pat Pend) No need for Chemicals/Soft Water

CQM SR-LB is the solution for legionella prevention in hot water circulation by inline continues chlorine production. SR-LB allows customers to reduce the constant temperature of hot water circulation down to 500C. The SR-LB system uses electrolysis to promote chlorination and oxidation with powerful bactericide effect, delivering hot water according to the strictest standards. SR-LB is efficient, cost effective and environment friendly.

Disinfection by Electrolysis

The electrolysis based chlorination system is used as an alternative to regulated required high temperature for legionella prevention. The electrolysis process within the hot water produces chlorine dioxide ozone and other oxidants in addition to the free chlorine production. The produced oxidants have a wide disinfection affect in the water. With SR-LB, the chlorine rate is always stable. The system is automatically adjusted to produce the required chlorine based on the hot water usage.

Proven Solution – Installed and working at satisfied customers

Approved by Health Regulators in Europe

Installed and operated worldwide

CQM’s technology is used in a multitude of private and public buildings as well as municipalities to ensure that the water delivered through the pipe meets the requirements for safe human consumption.

Operation Characteristics

  • Safe and reliable
  • Configurable according to the existing water quality.
  • Monitors, regulates and maintains stable levels of chlorine.
  • Low operating and maintenance costs.
  • Effective operation at hot water.
  • Environment friendly.
  • Scalable solution.
  • Automatic, turnkey system.
  • Suitable for cooling towers application(SR-CT).
  • Suitable for drinking water (SR-DW).

System Specifications

According to the supply water quality, SR-LB can be installed as a brine-free or brine-add system for larger treatment capacity. Actual capacity shall be determined on the basis of analysis of treated water.

Capacity and Dimensions

Capacity and Dimensions *Brine additive may be required in the case of low chlorides water

Electrical Specifications and Consumption

Electrical Specifications and Consumption