Continues Electro-Chlorination and Oxidation System for Drinking Water Disinfection Auto Self–Cleaning Mechanism (Pat Pend) No need for Chemicals/Soft Water

CQM’s SR-DW Drinking Water Electro chlorination System employs the latest technologies to provide a cost effective, environmentally friendly solution to disinfect drinking water by inline continues production of chlorine. This is accomplished without using chemical additives or continuous replacement of expensive filters or membranes. The SR-DW system uses the chemical reactions caused by electrolysis to promote electrochlorination and electro-oxidation which produce chlorine and oxidants with powerful bactericide effect, delivering drinking water according to the strictest standards.

Disinfection by Electrochlorination and Electro-oxidation

The electrochlorination system is used as an alternative to the dosing of chlorine gas, and offers logistical and safety benefits. The risks inherent to the transportation, handling and storage of chlorine gas or sodium hypochlorite solutions, are eliminated. In the electrolysis process, electric current passes between two electrodes (anode and cathode) using water as the conductor. The electric current induces controlled chemical reactions that take advantage of the salts, carbonates and minerals in the water to produce disinfectants in quantities large enough to ensure that the water quality meets the desired chlorine concertation as required by the regulator.

Proven Solution – Installed and working at satisfied customers

Approved by Health Regulators in Europe.

CQM’s technology is used in a multitude of private and public buildings as well as municipalities to ensure that the water delivered through the pipe meets the requirements for safe human consumption.

System Specifications

According to the supply water quality, SR-DW can be installed as a brine-free or brine-add system for larger treatment capacity. Actual capacity shall be determined on the basis of analysis of treated water.

Capacity and Dimensions

Capacity and Dimensions *Brine additive may be required in the case of low chlorides water

Electrical Specifications and Consumption

Electrical Specifications and Consumption