A combined ATCS-HVAC & SRCT solution saves energy, water and chemicals of the central air conditioning system at HAIFA’s 200,000 m2 retail space GRAND CANYON MALL. The ATCS-HVAC maintains the chiller condenser tubes clean at all times while the SRCT provides chemical-free water treatment and saves water in the cooling towers.


Central air conditioning system consisting of chillers and cooling towers delivering some 5000 tons of refrigeration.


ATCS-HVAC of 8″ traps.
SRCT 500 x 10 units.


The condenser tubes of the chillers would gradually get clogged, increasing the approach temperature and causing the chillers’compressors to consume electricty in excess of the design specification.
The cooling towers used large amounts of chemicals and had to bleed water at about 3 cycles of concentration.


Since the installation of the combined ATCS-HVAC and SRCT solution, there’s no need to clean the chiller condenser tubes and energy consumption has been reduced to the design nominal level. Cooling towers operate without the need of chemical water treatment and the cycles of concentration have been increased to more than 6, saving significant amounts of bleed water.