water disinfection

Towns in Israel’s ARAVA region enjoy clear and safe water treated on-site by CQM’s SRDW drinking water electro-chlorination system. Israel’s national water company MEKOROT, selected CQM’s technology for the purification of water treated by reverse-osmosis to provide drinking water consumed in towns in the south of the country.


Potabilization of desalinated brackish waters from underground water resources.


SRDW equipment of varying capacities.


Israel’s national water company MEKOROT is responsible by law to provide fresh water all around the country including remote towns. Their concern over the transport, handling and storage of chlorine gas and purchased hypochlorite, led Mekorot to seek an economical alternativ e to potabilize water at facilities close by to the consumers.


Since the installation of the SRDW, the supply of fresh, purified water has been uninterrupted and economically handled.