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Process cooling

CQM provides custom solutions to the most challenging inline tube cleaning for industrial processes requiring cooling of non water liquids for explosive and non explosive atmospheres (ATEX directives), for the most extreme conditions. Design is performed according to the customers specification in order to keep the tubes clean of any process residues maintaining a [...]

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Arava Towns Drinking Water

Towns in Israel’s ARAVA region enjoy clear and safe water treated on-site by CQM’s SRDW drinking water electro-chlorination system. Israel’s national water company MEKOROT, selected CQM’s technology for the purification of water treated by reverse-osmosis to provide drinking water consumed in towns in the south of the country. Application: Potabilization of desalinated brackish waters from [...]

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Bnai-Zion Rothschild Hospital

Required an effective means to remove legionella from the hot water circuit. Installation of CQM’s innovative SR-BL bactericide and legionella disinfection system delivered legionella and bacteria free water without need of increasing water temperature. Application: Disinfection of the recirculating hot water even at the extreme and low velocity pipes without need to increase water temperature [...]

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Haifa Grand Canyon Mall

A combined ATCS-HVAC & SRCT solution saves energy, water and chemicals of the central air conditioning system at HAIFA’s 200,000 m2 retail space GRAND CANYON MALL. The ATCS-HVAC maintains the chiller condenser tubes clean at all times while the SRCT provides chemical-free water treatment and saves water in the cooling towers. Application: Central air conditioning [...]

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Nuevo Pemex Gas Plant

An explosion proof, redundant 18″ ATCS installed at NUEVO PEMEX GAS PROCESSING PLANT IN TABASCO, maintains optimal condensate vacuum for efficient performance of a gas turbo-compressor. The system recirculates sponge balls through the condenser tubes at set intervals and maintains them free of scale. Application: Surface steam condenser of a turbine driving a residual gas [...]

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AEM Torino Power Plant

A 72″ ATCS-Power Plants installed at the AEM TORINO – CENTRALE MONCALIERI delivers heat transfer optimization to the plant’s steam condenser. The system recirculates rubber balls through the condenser’s tubes at set intervals with zero losses to maintain them free of fouling and conserve optimal heat transfer. Application: Power plant steam condenser Equipment: ATCS-Power Plants [...]

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