CQM, or Cooling Quality Management is an Israeli company established in 1994 with the aim to develop and provide ecological solutions for water treatment. CQM’s solutions optimize energy consumption of heat exchangers, and provide chemical-free water treatment in commercial, industrial and residential applications.

Today CQM is a world leader in the field of water disinfection and water conditioning, without the need to use chemicals using electro chlorination technology. Its patented self-cleaning systems are being successfully used in thousands of locations worldwide since 2006, in cooling towers water conditioning, drinking water and industrial water disinfection, and legionella prevention in sanitary circuits.

CQM is also a world leader in automated tube and shell heat exchanger cleaning systems that improve cooling process efficiency and provide considerable savings in airports, hotels, hospitals, power stations and industry.

All products and services provided by CQM are fully compliant with CE Directives, ISO 9001:2000 and Green Label Certification standards.