Legionella Prevention & Control with Electro-Chlorination and Electro-Oxidation for Warm and Hot Water Disinfection

CQM’s SRLB Bactericide and Legionella Disinfection System uses the latest technologies to provide a cost effective, environmentally friendly solution to disinfect sanitation hot water circuits of hospitals, hotels, retirement homes without using chemical additives. The systems are approved by the Ministry of Health and is in use at major hospitals in Israel.

The system consistently delivers zero legionella and bacteria count in the mandated periodic water tests conducted in the installation sites.

Saves energy and delivers a fast return on investment

By effectively eliminating all bacteria including Legionella at returning water temperatures of 35-50 °C,  SRLB provides significant energy savings by enabling to use of hot water at temperatures lower than the recommended 60°C

Secure and hassle-free of Legionella Prevention

Use of SRLB prevents the risk of burns by the use of very hot water in showers. The equipment has been designed to be installed at hotel, hospitals and retirement homes. It can be sized according to the number of beds at those institutions as required


The self cleaning system is virtually maintenance free, and totally eliminates the need for other biocides and chemicals that are required to treat the sanitary hot water against bacteria and Legionella control.


legionella prevention
  • Automatic, turnkey system.
  • Configurable according to the water quality.

  • Monitors, regulates and maintains chlorine at the desired level.

  • Requires no additives.
  • Low operating and maintenance costs.
  • Applicable for hard water treatment.

  • Effective operation at water temperatures up to 55 °C.

  • Environmentally safe.

  • Scalable  for the needs of  the smallest to the largest institutions.