Clean tubes improve efficiency, heat exchange and thermodynamic processes. ATCS actually takes care of condenser cleaning while keeping the condensers at power stations and refineries clean of fouling.  With perfectly clean tubes vacuum and therefore process quality are preserved.

condenser cleaning

Condenser fouling without ATCS

Condenser free of fouling with ATCS

The ball trap structure and hole size provide a very large open  area that does not affect the condenser pressure. As it does not act like a filter, there is no need for backwash, and once a year cleaning during plant maintenance is sufficient for efficient operation. Cleaning the trap during a stop for power plant repairs is enough for the whole period until the next stop.

CQM guarantees that no balls will be lost, and all of the tubes will always remain clean as long as the unit is operated according to the specifications, regardless of the fouling type ( sea shells, macro fouling scale or other) or the water type and quality.

The systems are installed in dozens of thermal, geothermal and combined cycle power generation units worldwide of up to 800MW and ensure the proper operation of the condenser.


  • Maintain a constant level of condensate vacuum, conserving the Delta P driving the turbine efficiency.
  • Prevent increased energy consumption by conserving the level of steam flow required to pressurize the  turbine.
  • Increase plant productivity by preventing stoppage days otherwise required for manual cleaning of the tubes.