Water Disinfection

The electro-chlorination method is used as an alternative to the dosing of chlorine gas, and offers many security and logistical benefits. It eliminates the trouble and risks inherent to the procurement, transportation, handling and storage of chlorine gas or sodium hypochlorite.

CQM’s self cleaning electrolysis technology provides a solution for water disinfection by safely generating chlorine and other disinfecting agents using the chlorines that are already dissolved in water. The system is approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health as well as European Authorities as a means to disinfect drinking water.

desinfeccion del agua

In cases where the existing chlorines are not sufficient to generate the required disinfecting agents, a saline solution is used. In both cases, the desired chlorine level is precisely maintained at all times.

The system can be installed as a plug & play instead of the conventional hypochlorite tank and dosing pump.

Installed and operational at several customers in Israel and Europe, the on-site chlorine generation system has been designed to accommodate all applications for municipal and industrial use, and can be customized for installation as required.

consensers cleaning CQM water treatment