Cooling water systems using seawater, are prone to fouling from bacteria, slimes, algae and the like creating biofilm, as well as oysters, mussels, clams, and barnacles.

SRSW systems use the high salt concentration that exists in the seawater to create chlorine and hypochorite on demand that prevents micro and macro fouling, ensuring that the heat exchanger tubes of the system remain clean, and the cooling system works properly.

disinfection of seawater

The advantages of on demand chlorination of sea water are:

  • Avoids using and handling of dangerous chemicals.
  • Limits the amount of dangerous substances present on site. ( compliance Seveso law)
  • Discharge limits can be easily maintained while obtaining an efficient disinfection.

The system is also efficient to disinfect ballast water before discharge using chlorine generated from sea water.

seawater disinfection