CQM’s  Automated Tube Cleaning System  (ATCS) prevents the formation of scaling and biological fouling in the tubes of the HVAC condensers, ensuring an optimal heat transfer and the highest efficiency of the cooling system.

Fouling in the condenser tubes increases the compressors’ energy consumption and affects performance. Keeping the condenser clean saves up to 30% of the energy required by the chiller.

Energy and cleaning savings usually brings the systems ROI to less than two years.

With ATCS, CQM guarantees that the condenser tubes will remain free of any deposits for life, and no balls will be lost.

ATCS systems are available for capacites of 30 TR (100 kW) up to 3,000 TR (10,000 kW)

Clean condenser tubes deliver optimal heat transfer

  • Prevent increased energy consumption by keeping the tubes clean of fouling.

  • Less off time as maintenance requiments decrease and no need for cleaning.

  • No downtime for periodic maintenance; Simple maintenance through continuous cleaning.

  • No chemicals and residues disposal hassle.

  • Innovative design delivers high reliability and simple integration.