Natural Draft Cooling Towers

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Water Treatment

CQM’s water treatment employs the latest technologies to provide a cost-effective, environmentally friendly solution that answers all of the needs for cooling towers water treatment while saving water and energy, and reducing chemical costs. CQM’s water treatment uses the latest technologies for effective scale removal, micro, and macro fouling prevention without chemical additives.


Water Treatment Process

Cooling water is pumped into the reaction tank, where a series of disk-shaped cathodes, or negatively charged electrodes, are placed in the reactor.

Between the cathodes, anodes, or positively charged electrodes are located. The electrolysis process creates a high pH level at the cathode inhibiting corrosion.

Existing minerals in the water stick to the disk-shaped cathodes, preventing those minerals from depositing at heat transfer surfaces and other parts of the system in the form of scale. As the cathodes rotate, a blade adjacent to each cathode mechanically wipes them clean from those minerals, which are then disposed at the drain.

On the anode, electrolysis generates chlorine and other free radicals which eliminate bacterial growth and disinfect water, also prevent algae and mussel colonies formation, without chemical additives.

Thanks to its patented self-cleaning mechanism, the SR system is virtually maintenance free. Sludge never accumulates in the system. Polarity switching is avoided, extending the life of the electrodes. The electrodes always being kept clean, the system's performance remains the same. There is no need for stopping the system for cleaning.

The system is available at different capacities, ranging from small size chlorination systems of 50 m3/hr to large power plant cooling tower water treatment systems of 150,000 m3/hr.

cooling tower water treatment

Use of Electrolysis Instead of Chemicals

When current is applied to water, salts that are dissolved in water become ionized. Chloride and other free radicals that are formed in the anode serve as a powerful disinfectant that destroys all organic matter, preventing micro and macro fouling. Calcium and magnesium ions deposit at the cathode and are taken out of the water system preventing fouling. pH increases, inhibiting corrosion.

Cooling Tower Water Treatment

CQM's SRS system is used both in open and closed loop water systems instead of any water treatment, softener or chemicals, and maintain the proper operation of the system while preserving the equipment. It is the only system that:

  • Inhibits corrosion
  • Prevents and removes scale
  • Kills microbial organisms
  • Sustains water quality for prevention of legionella
  • Conserves 50% of the drained water
  • Enables the reuse of blow down water
  • Boasts ROI in less than two years
legionella prevention

Chlorination System for Drinking Water

Chlorine and free radicals created at the system on demand act as a powerful disinfectant to replace chlorine gas or hypochlorite used for disinfection. They are an efficient tool for the last mile drinking water chlorination and wastewater treatment.

In addition, to totally eliminate bacteria, the SRS eradicates algae, mussels, and other macro fouling at the cooling circuits using sea or surface water.

SRS for Legionella Prevention at hot Water Circuits

Hotels, hospitals, retirement houses and other institutions with hot water sanitary circuity are prone to the growth of Legionella bacteria. Maintaining a very high temperature is a must in order to prevent this risk.

The SRS system allows the hot water temperature to be reduced* while totally eliminating the risk of Legionella and enabling energy savings.

*Use approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health