Power plant: Fengtai, China

SRCT systems for water conditioning. Year of installation: 2014

As a result of a successful pilot study at Taijo power plant, it was decided to treat the cooling water of the Fengtai power plant using CQM’s SRCT systems.

The project was commissioned in 2014. CQM prepared twenty interconnected systems in four containers. Each contained contains five systems, a control room, electrical connections and the water inlet and outlets. The infrastructure was prepared at the power plant ahead of time. The containers were shipped, placed at their determined locations, connected to power, water and communications and started working.

how does a cooling tower work

20 SRCT systems are currently conditioning the water for two parabolic towers of 600 mW, 75,000 m3/hr cooling tower flow rate and a water reservoir of 130 meters of diameter  each.

The systems were installed to stop the use of chemicals against biological fouling, corrosion and scale. The only chemical intervention to the towers is to balance the pH to 8.5.

Fengtai’s experts team commented at the acceptance meeting:

“This project completes the relevant test requirement of the original project application. In this project the following work has been completed: The water quality control by electrolysis approach in circulation water drainage quantity control, anti-scaling anti-corrosion and disinfection research. The economic benefit is obvious.”

The video below shows the installation of the systems and the inside of one of these containers.