All water treatment and water conditioning systems are based on CQM’s patented SR technology.

The SR systems from CQM is the only solution that prevents and removes scale, and kills microbial organisms such as Legionella and others throughout the water system without expensive and harmful chemical additives, using electolysis technology.

cleaning cooling tower

Water enters the reaction chamber where positively charged electrodes or anodes, and negatively charged disk shaped electrodes, or cathodes are placed alternately. The number of electrodes define the system capacity, which can be scaled to the requirements.

This electrolytic environment creates a high pH level at the cathode, which causes existing mineral salts in the water to precipitate and stick to the cathodes. This prevents them from depositing on the heat exchange surfaces at other parts of the system in the form of scale.

Scale deposited on the cathodes is removed using a patented and unique self-cleaning mechanism. The system never needs to be stopped to be cleaned. There is no need for acid baths, nor polarity reversal for cleaning the system, which virtually become hassle and maintenance free.

The self cleaning system works as follows: The cathodes periodically rotate, and blades positioned on their surface mechanically clean the scale deposited on them. Scale is then disposed to the drain.

At anode, electrolysis generates chlorine and other powerful free radicals and residual disinfectants which kill bacteria such as legionella and others, organisms such as algae that cause macro fouling in the system without chemical additives.

The high pH created at the cathodic protection control and minimize corrosion, while the damage associated with traditional acid treatment has been eliminated.

CQM’s SR systems provide an efficient and practical solution. Thousands of CQM’s SR electrolysis technology are incorporated into products that has successfully been installed at cooling towers for water conditioning, at sanitary water systems of hotels and hospitals for legionella prevention, and at drinking / industrial water last mile chlorination.