Typical water treatment to prevent legionella is based on heating the water to a temperature of 65 to 70 degrees.

This method is costly and may cause burn incidents.

Despite water heating, the problem insists. Legionella is found in most tests around the world.

A research aimed at finding Legionella contamination in Austria found  out that 59% of the hotels and hospitals were infected with Legionella spp.

A case to the point was the retirement home Seniorenpark Unterpremstätten in Austria.

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The facility had to be evacuated because of high level of Legionella found in the water. The SRLB system was installed in the winter of 2007. Hot water temperature was reduced to 45 degrees.

All tests conducted by the Austrian Ministry of Health showed ZERO legionella since SRLB’s operation

Unusual amounts of Legionella were found at the Bnei Zion Medical Center  in Haifa in 2009

All tests conducted by the Israeli Ministry of Health showed ZERO legionella since SRLB’s operation

Since then, a university study conducted at Technion Israel showed that CQM’s SRLB eliminated all legionella and other bacteria in the temperature range of 35 oC to 50 oC.

Following the success of the technology and the successful study,  SRLB was approved by the Ministry of Health in Israel and is now currently in operation at major hospitals.

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